Project Facts

DataVaults at a glance

17 Partners

9 Countries

36 Months

5 Demonstrators

DataVaults Offerings

Holistic Personal Data Management

Collection, mining processing, normalization, formatting and availability of personal data, both at the individuals’ personal devices level as well as on secure data vaults on the cloud

Smart Data Interlinking

Linking of personal data to open, linked as well as proprietary data following Linked Data principles and openly (re-)publishing non-sensitive and business critical information to the LOD community

Novel Data Security and Privacy Risk Assessment

Cryptography, data anonymisation, remote attestation and trusted data exchange with TPM technologies between the Personal DataVaults and the DataVaults cloud-based engine. Privacy risk assessment for individuals revealing the true risk exposure factor of individuals based on the shared data

Privacy Preserving and Data Secure Retention Mechanisms

Generation of anonymised “digital twins” of individuals, as well as specimen clusters (“persona groups”) powering group analytics that contain valuable insights without violating privacy principles

Twin-fold Data Brokerage Engine

IPR and data license safeguarding,  facilitating compensations schemes with third parties through the instantiation of multi-layer real-time micro-contracts tailored for data sharing, redistribution and utilisation

Edge and Centralised Analytics

Analytics methods depending on the degree of data volume, velocity and variety, always in conjunction with the security and privacy modalities allowed by the individual. Intuitive reports, dashboards and visualisations tailored to the needs of each stakeholder

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