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DataVaults @ Posidonia 2022

DataVaults participated at Posidonia 2022 that took place on 6-10 June in Athens, Greece.

DataVaults @ Cluster Meeting for EU Smart Communities Projects

DataVaults will join on 17th June 2022 other regionally or locally funded smart communities projects in the Cluster Meeting for Smart Communities Projects in EU, an initiative organised by the European Commission.

‘Citizen Data-smart Cities’ Book launch in Barcelona Smart Cities Expo

The book jointly prepared by DataVaults, Citizen Contol of Personal Data and other projects and initiatives will be launched at the Barcelona Smart Cities Expo in November 2022.

Upcoming Book in River Publishers

DataVaults in collaboration with Smart Cities Marketplace and other affiliated projects are preparing a Book that will be published in River Publishers.

PRATO in the EU Cities Mission

Prato has been selected as one of the 100 countries that will be part of the EU Cities Mission.

DataVaults @ Major Cities of Europe 2022

DataVaults is getting ready for the MCE 2022 Conference in Larissa Greece, with the help of the Municipality of Prato, Assentian and EU SmartCities Marketplace.

Citizen Control of Personal Data Initiative – Strategy for 2022

The Citizen Control of Personal Data Initiative enters its second active year with an effective Strategy for 2022 in its arsenal.

DataVaults Components for Data Sharing, Value Generation and Intelligence 2/3

In this blog post we cover briefly the next 2 DataVaults components of the "Data Sharing, Value Generation and Intelligence" bundle, namely the Secure Analytics Playground and the Data Explorer

DataVaults Components for Data Sharing, Value Generation and Intelligence 1/3

In this post we present the 'Data Fetcher and Transfromation' and the 'Query Builder' components, as worked for the Alpha and the Beta Release.

DataVaults @ Europe Direct Piraeus

On the 20h of December Municipality of Piraeus under the auspices of the Europe Direct Piraeus programme organised a workshop focusing on the digital transformation of the Piraeus city.

The Road to a Trusted Personal Data Space – A Session Sponsored by DataVaults @ EBDVF 2021

On Monday, 29th of November 2021 DataVaults organised the session "The Road to a Trusted Personal Data Space" in the 2021 edition of the EBDVF Forum, achieving a high number of attendees who followed the presentations that were performed by selected partners of our consortium and engaged in a fruitfull Q&A session.

DataVaults @ EBDVF 2021 – 29th Nov, 2021

DataVaults is proud to be part of the Data Spaces track of EBDVF 2021, with the session "DataVaults: The Road to a Trusted Personal Data Space", on 29th November 2021, 11:30 CET