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DataVaults @ Action Cluster Citizen Focus Meeting – 15th Nov, 2021

Smart Cities Marketplace Action Cluster organises the online meeting of the Action Cluster Citizen Focus, that will take place at 15th November 2021 from 15:00 to 17:00 h CET. The meeting will be focused on developing civic engagement and participation in smart cities and communities. Shaun Topham, Marina da Bormida and Paolo Boscolo will present the current progresses of DataVaults and unveil the plans for the upcoming year.

DataVaults @ Major Cities of Europe 2021

This year's Major Cities of Europe (MCE) Annual Conference will be held virtually from 13th -15th October 2021. DataVaults will be presented in MCE 2021 by Paolo Boscolo, CIO of the City of Prato - Italy, on the third day of the conference, 15th October at 10:25 CET.

Personal Data Valuation – A Challenging Task

One route of reaching citizens lies in smart cities speedily adopting personal data platforms; however personal data valuation is still a challenge.

How do we go about evaluating in DataVaults?

When we start to look at what we are doing across the breadth of the DataVaults project the question on how to evaluate the DataVaults platform becomes daunting.

Highlights from DataVaults at Data Week 2021

DataVaults has participated in Data Week 2021 by organizing an online session titled “Exploring the Real Value of Personal Data Sharing – Big Data of the Many, Exploited by Few? Or not any more?”.

DataVaults Deliverables Available Online

Do you want to dive into the details of the work we have been doing in DataVaults during the past months?

New Synergy with Safe-Deed Project

We are happy to announce that DataVaults is now part of the Safe-Deed Community.

3rd Workshop of the Citizen Control of Personal Data Initiative – Available on Demand

The 3rd workshop of the Citizen Control of Personal Data initiative took place on 8th July 2021 and you can now watch it on demand through our Youtube channel.

Final DataVaults Value Chain Definition

Providing value to personal data is the underlying force of the final DataVaults data value chain that is presented in this blogpost

DataVaults and MyDataMood Webinar @BDVA – Key take aways and video

DataVaults in collaboration with BDVA and MyDataMood held on 11th June 2021 the webinar “Easy Access to Personal Data: Removing Obstacles to Unleash the Value in the Sharing of Personal Data”.

Invitation to the 3rd Workshop of the Citizen Control of Personal Data Initiative

We are inviting you to the 3rd workshop of the Citizen Control of Personal Data initiative, within the context of the Smart Cities Marketplace undertaking. The Workshop will take place on 8th July 2021 at 10.00 – 11.30 CEST, and will be completely virtual.

New DataVaults Synergies and Clustering Activities

DataVaults enhances its synergies and joins forces with a group of affiliated projects in a multitude of common collaborative activities