DataVaults Requirement Engineering Process - agile software requirements

Extracting software requirements -the agile way

A list of clear requirements is what the development teams need to create the right product. Software requirements translate the expectations and needs of the users to functionalities and features that can be implemented.

datavaults MVP

DataVaults Usage Scenarios and MVP

The DataVaults Consortium worked on the definition of the integrated DataVaults Methodology and development of a set of high-level operation scenarios that help to identify the expected behaviour of the DataVaults platform and led to the formulation of the DataVaults Most Valuable Product (MVP).

DataVaults background 3

Capturing the meaning of data

DataVaults aims to deliver a solution for collecting, storing, managing, sharing, analysing and monetizing personal data and its derivatives, such as the results of data analysis and visualisation. Furthermore, data queries, analysis and experimentation in DataVaults will allow the linking and merging of data from various sources and the combination of those with personal data, …

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bdva general data value chain

The DataVaults Data Value Definition

DataVaults aims at Individuals taking control of their personal data, deciding which kind of data can be shared, when and also obtaining a compensation for sharing it. The first step of DataVaults as a platform focused on personal data is to collect and store data coming from different personal contexts, such as sports, mobility, healthcare, …

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