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DataVaults @ Cluster Meeting for EU Smart Communities Projects

DataVaults will join other regionally or locally funded smart communities projects in the Cluster Meeting for Smart Communities Projects in EU, an initiative organised by the European Commission.

EU Smart Communities projects coming together

To advance digital transformation on the local and regional levels, many EU, nationally, regionally or locally funded smart communities projects are already running or now emerging in the European Union.

To promote cooperation between relevant smart communities projects, key networks and the European Commission, the Commission is inviting to a Cluster Meeting interested project leaders – e.g. coordinators or work package leaders – as well as network leaders related to the Living-in.EU movement on the European way of digital transformation in cities and communities.

The meeting will be held online on Friday, 17 June 2022, and will evolve mainly around two axes:
• Synergies and links between websites and interactive platforms that are either specifically targeted to or have a strong component on the digital transformation at local or regional level;
• Collective EU efforts on interoperability and standardisation, with a focus on Local Digital Twins and AI deployment at local or regional level