datavaults @ europe direct piraeus

DataVaults @ Europe Direct Piraeus

On the 20h of December Municipality of Piraeus under the auspices of the Europe Direct Piraeus programme organised a workshop focusing on the digital transformation of the Piraeus city.

DataVaults was amongst the projects which had a presentation during the workshop, to let people of the city as well as city officials and IT collaborators get familiar with the concept of the project and that of secure and trusted data sharing. The project was represented by partners Municipality of Piraeus and Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions and the presentation focused on high level issues that are present in data sharing in various public sector settings.
Moreover, specifics about the rolled out Alpha platform version were discussed and the presentation also focused on the benefits which can be enjoyed by a Public administration that onboards DataVaults, making direct references to the use cases that will be executed by the PIRAEUS pilot.

Featured Image by Giannis Katemoglou on Unsplash