datavaults posidonia 2022

DataVaults @ Posidonia 2022

DataVaults participated at Posidonia 2022 that took place on 6-10 June in Athens, Greece.

The Event

Posidonia, the international shipping exhibition, has long been established as one of the major calendar events of the shipping industry. The international exhibition Posidonia first took place in 1969 and has been taking place every two years ever since.

Posidonia 2022 was the largest in terms of exhibition space and most publicised event in the exhibition’s history and has become the largest trade show in Greece. Posidonia 2022 welcomed 1,964 exhibiting companies from 88 countries & territories and was attended by 28,892 visitors from 103 countries. In total the exhibition was attended by 40,950 participants including exhibitors, visitors and media representatives. The exhibition had 24 national pavilions from the following countries and territories: Austria, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Cayman Islands, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Georgia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Lebanon, Liberia, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Republic of Poland, Romania, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the USA.

datavaults posidonia 2022
Presenting the DataVaults Platform at the Posidonia 2022 Exhibition

An opportunity for knowledge exchange

Posidonia not only serves as a bridge linking the international shipping industry with the Greek shipowners, who operate the largest fleet globally of over 4,000 vessels, the largest under the control of any national group, but also serves as the platform that brings international shipowners in touch with the latest developments in the shipping industry and offers them direct access to the entire range of shipping products and services available on the international shipping market.

Michail Bourmpos from the Municipality of Piraeus represented DataVaults in this leading shipping exhibition and guided interested visitors through the DataVaults platform.

datavaults posidonia 2022
DataVaults and DataPorts meetup at the Posidonia 2022

Additionaly, DataVaults exhanged knowledge with the DataPorts project that also develops a Data Platform, addressed towards transportation and logistics companies around a seaport and facilitating data management.