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Digital Literacy: the Great Divide – Available in the UN Global Digital Compact Survey

On March 2023, DataVaults took part in two meetings hosted by Dr. Monika Manolova (Digital National Alliance Bulgaria) in collaboration with Dr. Haydee Sheombar (Kankan*Tree) and Jaisal Surana (MKAI.org) to implement a consultation on the topic of “Digital Literacy: the Great Divide”, along with other organisations and experts from North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Each of the participating organisations was invited to determine the key pain points and potential solutions which could be implemented at a more global scale. The focus is on addressing three core issues concerning the UN Digital Cooperation Roadmap.

DataVaults Contribution

The EU-funded project DataVaults produced with its partners the Open Access Book “Personal Data-Smart Cities: how cities can utilise their citizens’ personal data to help them become climate neutral.”

Under Issue 3 “Tackling democratization of digital innovations as a public good. /Target: Building a more effective architecture for digital cooperation”, Shaun Topham representing the DatVaults and PISTIS projects highlighted the key role of data in the social aspects of digitalisation.

Shaun Topham, DataVaults and PISTIS (Horizon project) (Digitalization)

A key building block in “digitalization with social values” is data. More equal access to data, particularly to personal data is vital to prevent the evolution of a global data economy driven by more corporate and less social goals. This in turn shapes AI as wide access to data is a prerequisite. Digital SMEs find it harder to access data than they do finance. A pathway for release of personal data for the public good should be developed.

Consultation available in the UN Global Digital Compact Survey

Following the call by the United Nations Envoy on Technology for contributions to the UN Global Digital Compact Survey, the outcomes of the two meetings, including recommendations and key discussion points, have been compiled and are publicly available under the ‘Submission by the Digital National Alliance Bulgaria, April 2023’ here.

Featured Photo by United Nations Envoy on Technology available on Twitter