datavaults synergies clustering

New DataVaults Synergies and Clustering Activities

DataVaults enhances its synergies and joins forces with a group of affiliated projects in a multitude of common collaborative activities, including:

  • Launching common posts and creating online references on their respective websites
  • Were invited to participate in the DataVaults Multilingual Stakeholder Feedback Online Questionnaire through their diverse partner networks. DataVaults wishes to thank them for their support and participation
  • Support each other’s online efforts in social media and digital channels by disseminating promotional material
  • Try to expand their outreach by introducing and by creating liaisons with the non-common partners among projects as potential stakeholder feedback.
  • Seek to co-participate in common dissemination events wherever applicable

Our Clustering list is ever-expanding. Stay Tuned.

Featured Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash