DataVaults Citizen Control of Personal Data

New Initiative “Citizen Control of Personal Data” – Invitation to Launch on 27th Jan 2021

DataVaults is part of the new Smart Cities Marketplace Initiative “Citizen Control of Personal Data” within the Citizen Focus Action Cluster. The Initiative will launch on January 27th, 2021, from 15.00 to 17.00 CET. We kindly invite you to join us and learn more the initiative’s approach to handling personal data. You can find the event’s agenda here.

The “Citizen Control of Personal Data” initiative will seek to remove existing obstacles in personal data sharing and help build the conditions and relationships whereby the citizen will be willing to share personal data with a city and with other actors in the data economy. The ambition behind this new initiative is to give the smart cities movement a boost by providing cities with access to a rich personal data pool. This pool of data, in turn, would stimulate further activity within the data economy, accelerate the take-up of urban data platforms and contribute to the improvement of mobility, health, energy efficiency and better governance among other.

Stay updated with the results and the progress of the Intiative in our dedicated section.

You can find the complete news entry for the new initiative launch by Smart Cities Marketplace here.