synergy with safe-deed project

New Synergy with Safe-Deed Project

We are happy to announce that DataVaults is now part of the Safe-Deed Community.

The Safe-DEED (Safe Data-Enabled Economic Development) Project brings together partners from cryptography, data science, business innovation, and the legal domain to focus on the improvement of security technologies and trust, as well as on the diffusion of privacy enhancing technologies. Furthermore, as many companies have no data valuation process in place, Safe-DEED provides a set of tools to facilitate the assessment of data value, thus incentivising data owners to make use of the scalable cryptographic protocols developed in Safe-DEED to create value for their companies and their clients.

In this synergy, DataVaults and Safe-Deed will explore the possible knowledge exchange between projects and the use of the Safe-Deed project results, especially in respect to the assessment of data in the setting of a personal data economy.

If you want to learn more about the data value assessment tools developed by Safe-Deed, you can watch the video from the 3rd Workshop of the Citizen Control of Personal Data Initiative, that is available on demand.